Life Insurance, Group Life Insurance, and Term Life Insurance in White Plains

Woman Sitting in Grass Holding Baby in Air with Life Insurance in White PlainsYou’ve probably heard the question a thousand times: if something were to happen to you, would your family in White Plains have the financial resources to take care of themselves? It truly is an important question. Life insurance, whether that’s group life insurance, term life insurance, or another type, is there to help replace your income, and the professionals at Cafaro Insurance Agency, Inc. can help ensure you are covered. They have more than 40 years of helping individuals and businesses provide the right amount of coverage so that your family isn’t wondering where they will get the money to survive. Contact them today to learn more and get your family covered in case the worst happens.

Term Life Insurance in White Plains

There are many options when it comes to life insurance, and some people are good candidates for term life insurance. Term life insurance is an affordable option for life insurance, and it is in force for a particular length of time. Common terms for term life insurance include 10 years, 15 to 30 years, and even a 35-year term coverage. Their low premiums make them attractive, and it is a good way to ensure that you have some sort of coverage in the event of the worst scenario happens. However, term life insurance only lasts for the term agreed to, and once that expires, if you need to have life insurance for a longer period of time, the premiums for the new term will be higher than your previous policy. This is because you are older, and the increase in premiums might be significant.

Group Life Insurance in White Plains, NY

Group of Men and Women Standing Smiling with Life Insurance in White PlainsGroup life insurance plans are becoming more and more common as offerings that businesses extend to their employees. This has become another way to incentivize potential employees to accept a job, and employees are beginning to look more at group life insurance as one of the benefits that they are wanting with their jobs. Because Cafaro Insurance Agency, Inc. is an independent agency, they can look among many of the top-rated insurance companies to find the best rates and coverages for your needs. Don’t wait to get life insurance in place, whether it’s for you or all of your employees. Contact Cafaro Insurance Agency, Inc. today.

Following World War II, White Plains’ downtown area developed into what amounted to a “destination” shopping district featuring branch stores of many famous New York-based department and specialty stores. During the late 1960s, the city of White Plains developed an extensive urban renewal plan for residential, commercial and mixed-use redevelopment that effectively called for the demolition of its entire central business district from the Bronx River Parkway east to Mamaroneck Avenue.

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