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From changes in the market due to healthcare reform to a greater demand for more comprehensive employee benefits, choosing a program that meets the company’s budget can appear to be an overwhelming chore. Cafaro Insurance Agency can help. Our skilled and experienced team has put together customized group health, group medical and group dental plans for companies throughout New York including Smithtown, Huntington, Farmingdale and many other communities. Whatever the size or budget, Cafaro Insurance Agency has an insurance solution that will meet your financial requirements while providing quality coverage for your workforce. At CIA, we get you coverage.

Group Health

In a competitive market place, providing employees with quality healthcare coverage is no longer an option, but a necessity. Cafaro Insurance Agency customizes flexible and affordable group health insurance plans for almost any size company. With over two decades of experience, Cafaro brings a professional focus and in-depth understanding of the many variables involved in designing a plan that meets both employee and employer needs.

Your Cafaro insurance agent will take the time to recognize your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for a basic plan that covers catastrophic conditions or a more comprehensive plan; a high-deductible health plan, a self-funded arrangement, co-pay plans, co-insurance plans or any number of other available programs, you can count on Cafaro Insurance Agency to provide the right option at the most competitive price.

Group Medical

In order to help control cost and ensure quality coverage, some health plans will contract with specific groups of Physicians to provide Health Care. These groups of Physicians are referred to as medical groups. Medical groups can be anything from small practices with a few doctors to large medical organizations that include virtually hundreds of doctors and specialists. Cafaro Insurance Agency has the experience necessary to provide group medical plans for your company. Within our network of carriers, we can access those companies that offer the most competitive rates for group medical plans while ensuring your employees are adequately covered.

Group Dental

Dental insurance has become a significant part of employee benefit packages and is ever increasing in popularity. In fact, dental insurance is now the third most requested employee insurance benefit. While group health insurance is a vital necessity, a solid group dental plan could be the deciding factor for high targeted employees when choosing their next employer.

From HMO plans to PPO dental plans, Cafaro Insurance Agency offers a variety of options.

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