NYS Disability Insurance, Group Medical Insurance, Group Disability and Group Dental Insurance, Group Health and Group Life Insurance in Yonkers

Keeping the balance between offering good employee benefits and keeping costs low can be difficult for any Yonkers company. Often, companies will review their group health insurance every year to see if there are any possible savings. Going with different options such as group medical insurance may be an option to keep costs down, but will it cause losing moral with employees? Let an experienced agency, like Cafaro Insurance Agency, do the work for you to search amongst carriers for the best options.  Other benefits such as group dental insurance, group disability insurance or group life insurance may seem like simple add-ons, but Cafaro Insurance can do the work for you searching among top carriers. Also, Cafaro will make sure you have the NYS Disability Insurance to keep you compliant.

Life Insurance, Key Man Insurance, and Buy Sell Insurance

What happens when a sole proprietorship, small business owner or essential personnel passes away?  While no one wants to consider the unthinkable, everyone needs to protect their assets, business, and family. Having the proper life insurance, term life insurance, key man insurance and buy sell insurance can give owners peace of mind that employees and family will be taken care of. Buy sell insurance also helps with potential issues with buyout agreements for forced departure or voluntarily leaving. While difficult to think about, life insurance and buy sell insurance is a great way to keep affairs in order in a time of difficulty.

Medicare Supplement Insurance and Employee Benefits

When it’s time to transfer to Medicare, every senior will need to look at different options in Medicare Supplement Insurance. The supplement that anyone chooses should be the one that works best in terms of coverage, medical costs and possibly medication. Without Medicare Supplement Insurance, the extra costs and co-pays could add up to more than supplement costs in the first place.

Cafaro Insurance can help you with all your employee benefits and also the life insurance you need for yourself. With a 95% retention rate, you can be sure they will search for the best prices and policies for your coverage options.

Term Life Insurance in Yonkers

Yonkers is the 4th populous city in New York State after New York City, Buffalo, and Rochester. An estimated 27% of Yonkers households do not own a car. Considered an inner suburb of New York City, the city sits along the Hudson River, directly north of the Bronx and two miles from Manhattan. Several quality medical centers, hospitals and healthcare providers, including St. John’s Riverside Hospital and Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center, offer state-of-the-art health care on the cutting edge of technology.

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