Employee Benefits, and Group Health Insurance, including Group Life, Group Disability, Group Medical, Group Dental Insurance, and NYS Disability Insurance in Long Island City

Cafaro Insurance Agency can help you keep costs down while still maintaining competitive employee benefits to retain and attract top talent. Finding the right mix of employee benefits that work for both Long Island City employees and budgets can be done effectively through an insurance partner with relationships with top insurance carriers. With Cafaro, you can find the best prices for:

  • Group health insurance
  • Ground dental insurance
  • Group disability insurance
  • Group life insurance
  • Group medical insurance

You may think you can only offer one or just a few of these group insurance benefits, but Cafaro will work to find you the right mix. Also, Cafaro will help ensure that you are compliant with your NYS Disability Insurance requirements. NYS Disability Insurance is required by New York State law and can be part of your overall group health insurance package.

Key Man Insurance, Buy Sell Insurance, and Term Life Insurance

Besides employee benefits in Long City Island, Cafaro can also help with other Long Island City businesses with personnel insurance. Key man insurance will ensure that a business and its assets will be protected to help the company survive the loss of a vital individual. Buy sell insurance, to support a buyout agreement, helps determine the outcome in the event of the death of a co-owner, forced or voluntary departure. Life insurance is another way to fund the pitfalls after the loss of an essential member of the business. Taken out by the other partner or the company, the company or partner becomes the beneficiary. Of course, life insurance, including term life is always recommended for anyone, especially the ‘breadwinner’, to take care of their families for living expenses, housing, college and more.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Anyone nearing 65 or retirement is probably wondering what the best Medicare Supplement Insurance is. Or maybe, looking for new alternative to protect against the gaps that Medicare doesn’t cover.  Medicare is used during a time of limited budget and income stream when unexpected expenses could be catastrophic.

Life Insurance in Long Island City

Long Island City is located across the East River from Manhattan at the extreme western tip of Queens.  The city’s location provides great opportunities for commuting and views of Manhattan.

Socrates Sculpture Park is a great park to capture some of the Manhattan views. Once an abandoned landfill and illegal dumpsite, a community coalition of artists turned the site into a studio and exhibition space and is now a NYC park. More than 1,000 artists have been featured in the park along with contemporary exhibitions, multi-disciplinary performance series and general art educational information. The park has filled its mission on reclamation for improvement of the urban environment and continuing to provide an area for local art inspiration.

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