Employee Benefits, and Group Health Insurance, including Group Dental Insurance, Group Disability, Group Life, and Group Medical Insurance in Lake Success, NY

Every company in Lake Success knows they need to offer group health insurance to their employees but what is the perfect balance? You want to keep costs low on group health insurance, but you also want to attract and retain the best candidates. In fact, 54% of new candidates say employee benefits, such as group dental insurance or group medical insurance, are a heavy consideration when deciding on a job. If you offer no employee benefits at all, not even group medical insurance, chances are you won’t be able to attract the best talent.

Other benefits such as group life insurance or group disability insurance are considered additional benefits and are favored over a pay raise. This is also true when it comes to group life insurance and other insurance options such as group disability insurance.

Life Insurance, Key Man Insurance, and NYS Disability Insurance

Other policies a company needs to consider are life insurance or key man insurance. Sometimes these insurances might be requirements of certain types of loans. Other times, key man insurance is a good idea to protect the employees and assets of the company. Also, you’ll want to stay compliant with the New York State laws regarding NYS Disability Insurance. Do not go to an inexperienced agency, Cafaro Insurance will walk you through the NYS Disability Insurance process so you can proceed with taking care of your business. And, Cafaro can also help with buy sell insurance to cover any type of buyout agreements you have.

Term Life Insurance and Buy Sell Insurance

Finally, business owners should not forget to take care of themselves. Being the main breadwinner and sole income source means your family relies on you for their house, cars, college education, family, living expenses and more. While term life insurance is never something people want to think about, the peace of mind you provide to your loved ones will help them in their time of need.

Cafaro Insurance has been helping residents and business owners in Lake Success for 30 years with an amazing 95% retention rate. Cafaro works with a number of well-known and respected insurance companies for employee health care, term life insurance, NYS Disability Insurance, and Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Medicare Supplement Insurance in Lake Success

Lake Success is a small town in Nassau County and was once the temporary site of the United Nations from 1947 to 1952 while the permanent location in Manhattan was being built. Located approximately 45 minutes from Manhattan, the town is home to a healthy real estate market with most homes over $1 million.

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