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Employees are paying attention. Are you?

It’s common knowledge that retaining quality employees is far cheaper than finding, hiring and training new people. It’s also well known that one of the primary methods savvy employees use to judge the depth of a company’s dedication to their welfare is by the benefit package they’re offered. That’s why nearly 33% of companies improved their benefit packages in 2017. The Society for Human Resource Management reports that 40% of employees consider seeking new employment, while 29% of those stated that better benefits were a major reason for this consideration.

Protect and Keep Quality Employees

Savvy employers quickly discern the difference between employees and extraordinary employees: those who want a job and those who work at a career. The later aren’t easy to find and even harder to keep. These are quality individuals who have invested time, money and effort into developing the skills necessary to excel at their chosen profession. They are among the best in their fields and a vital component of every successful company.

Designed with your business in mind

Cafaro insurance agency has earned a reputation for the design and implementation of group benefit plans that attract and retain quality employees. Our professional staff is intimately familiar with the various options, insurance carriers, regulations, and individual differences that go into the actual design of each benefit package. They understand the importance of meeting the needs of a specifically targeted group of individuals, rather than treating each company the same. Just as the needs of every group of employees differ greatly, so do the many different options available to you through Cafaro Insurance Agency.

Cafaro insurance agency has met the group benefit needs of companies just like yours throughout Smithtown, Huntington, Farmingdale, Melville, Hauppauge, and surrounding areas throughout New York. Whatever the industry, regardless of the size, Cafaro Insurance Agency Can put together a comprehensive employee benefits package to meet the needs of even the most particular employees while always considering your budgetary requirements.

The power of networking

As an independent insurance agency, Cafaro Insurance Agency isn’t limited to a single source for quality insurance solutions. Cafaro Insurance Agency has developed relationships with some of the nation’s top insurance providers. We work with insurance companies that are top rated carriers, financially sound and reputable. Each is known for providing superior customer service and efficient claims response. Because of our vast network of providers, Cafaro Insurance Agency is able to tailor a program that fits a company’s needs. Our group plans are chosen from these established carriers based on specific workforce needs, budgetary concerns, and overall ‘fit’. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach.

We put it all together

Cafaro insurance agency provides full service when it comes to a customized group benefit plans. We understand the complexities involved geographically and around the workforce. Our network of carriers and strong relationships enable us to take into consideration local area concerns as well as employees working from satellite offices, home offices and other circumstances.

Cafaro Insurance Agency is equally adept at ensuring your coverage is never interrupted. In the event that a local hospital should lose a contract with your company’s health insurance provider, our diligent staff will find a replacement plan that meets your needs and if available, is equivalent to your previous plan, making sure that your coverage is always in place.

Our team supports your team

Quality of any employee benefits program is predicated on perception. When your team is behind the program, comfortable with its implementation and assured of his effectiveness, the overall satisfaction rate is excellent. Cafaro Insurance Agency works with your staff and human resources to ensure seamless implementation and administration of every plan. Our vast experience in the design and implementation of employee benefits packages insures that your team will continue to receive support and administration of your employee benefits plan.

Our experienced professionals are equally skilled at making sure that your company is always in compliance with federal regulations concerning your employee benefits plan. We carefully review each and every area that may be subject to any regulatory oversight, making sure all applicable requirements are met.

Our employee benefits products include:

  • Group Health
  • Group Life
  • Group Dental
  • Group Disability

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